RapidIdentity MFA Cloud combines all the features of RapidIdentity MFA with the power of the cloud, making it easier and faster for organizations of any size to deploy RapidIdentity MFA without the added complexity of maintaining an onsite infrastructure.

RapidIdentity MFA Cloud is a client only solution that connects to Identity Automation’s hosted cloud service. RapidIdentity MFA Cloud is a subscription service with a per user per month subscription and a one-time setup fee. With RapidIdentity MFA Cloud your organization can be up and running on RapidIdentity MFA in a matter of hours. Regardless if you have 2 or 200,000 users, RapidIdentity MFA Cloud provides you with the same features and security as RapidIdentity MFA does when deployed onsite.*

RapidIdentity MFA Cloud enables organizations with the ability to deploy risk-appropriate authentication and includes all the components that you would expect in an authentication solution. With RapidIdentity MFA Cloud you can use one authentication method, all authentication methods, or mix and match which methods are appropriate for different users within your organization.

The following is an overview of some of the core features you will receive when you purchase RapidIdentity MFA:*

Management Features

User lifecycle management: enrollment, replacement, recovery, revocation, suspension, deletion, termination, etc. of authentication methods
Self-Service or administrative driven workflows for user life-cycle management
Role based access control (RBAC)
User and administrator policy management
Machine policy management
PIN policy management
Password policy management
Challenge & Response policy management
Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) policy management
Audit, logging, and reporting

User Features

Strong and two-factor authentication for Windows logon with: RFID, fingerprint biometrics, smart cards, bar codes, magnetic stripe, Risk-Based Authentication (RBA), and Emergency Access
Strong and two-factor authentication for kiosk/shared workstation logon with: RFID, fingerprint biometrics, smart cards, bar codes, magnetic stripe, Risk-Based Authentication (RBA), and Emergency Access
Single Sign-On to Windows, Applications, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Enroll Once – Authenticate Anywhere – Enables smooth roaming between systems throughout the infrastructure
Emergency Access using challenge & response for immediate access to the desktop
Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) using challenge and response to reset PINs or Windows password
Password management synchronization with Active Directory
OTP generation and validation for VPNs and browser-based application
Risk-Based PIN and Password policy that reduce the number of PIN and Password entries that are required
Password elimination

* RapidIdentity MFA Cloud does not support PKI. It may be deployed in conjunction with an onsite certificate server.

For more information on RapidIdentity MFA Cloud please visit our video gallery or contact Sales at sales@identityautomation.com or call 877-221-8401.

Not getting the attention you deserve from large security vendors?

Now organizations of any size can use technology historically only available at large organizations – at an affordable price. RapidIdentity MFA Cloud can be deployed in a matter of hours within your organization at a fraction of the price demanded by the large security vendors who in the majority of cases will not bother to call you back. Identity Automation realizes that organizations of all sizes have a requirement to comply with regulatory requirements and often lack the budget and technical expertise to deploy a traditional onsite security solution. With RapidIdentity MFA Cloud all you need to do is subscribe to the service, download the client software, connect your selected hardware, and you are up and going. It’s really that simple!