2FA Inc. was founded in 2006 as a veteran-owned, cybersecurity company created with the single vision of simplifying authentication. In 2016, 2FA was acquired by Identity Automation. 2FA’s authentication and enterprise single sign-on (eSSO) products are now part of the RapidIdentity platform.

Identity Automation serves customers in diverse industries including: public sector, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, finance, and education; with special focus on industries where compliance requires the adoption of authentication. Identity Automation supports over 900 customers and millions of users around the world, including deployments in all 50 states and over 25 countries. Supported customers range in size from well over 1,000,000 to less than ten users; including several of the largest US city-based authentication deployments for CJIS compliance, leading healthcare organizations, and global enterprises.

With the acquisition of 2FA, Identity Automation is now a cybersecurity leader for authentication. RapidIdentity supports fingerprint biometrics, smart cards and tokens, RFID cards and devices, magnetic swipe cards, One-Time Password (OTP) tokens and devices, Risk-Based Authentication (RBA), and barcode devices on a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms. Industry specific solutions are available for public sector, healthcare, and energy that are designed to streamline adoption of line-of-business applications, increase productivity, and user satisfaction.

Simplified Authentication and Single Sign-On!


"Best Multi-Factor Authentication Solution"

Information Security Products Guide

"Most Promising Technology Company"

Rice University Business Forum

"Best Security Solution for Government"

Information Security Products Guide

"Five Star Product Rating"

SC Magazine

"Best Security Solution for Healthcare"

Information Security Products Guide



2FA Technology LLC

Founded in Houston, Texas by Shaun Cuttill and Gregory Salyards as an OEM provider of authentication software.

2FA Inc.

2FA Technology LLC moves to Austin, Texas. 2FA Inc. is founded by Shaun Cuttill and Gregory Salyards.

2FA Inc.

2FA ONE is launched by 2FA Inc. as an all-in-one authentication and single sign-on solution. 2FA Inc. transitions from an OEM provider to direct and channel-based sales model.

Identity Automation

2FA, Inc. is acquired by Identity Automation. Read full press release.

What we Do

Passwords are the most common form of authentication used in the world today. We all maintain passwords and use them in our digital life. Unfortunately, as we all know passwords are one of the least secure forms of authentication, commonly forgot, and easily compromised. Identity Automation simplifies and strengthens authentication processes by replacing or strengthening passwords with stronger authentication technology.

Why we Do it

In the past, organizations struggled with point solutions that were designed to satisfy one specific requirement, such as how to properly secure remote access requirements for end-users or how to provide users with a simple means to reset their passwords through self-service.  As security infrastructure grew, users and administrators became frustrated with the complexity and management of multiple systems and the various system’s inability to

Say good-bye to passwords. Say hello to RapidIdentity!

Identity Automation provides a turn-key solution that is easy to evaluate, procure, deploy, manage, and use. RapidIdentity MFA and RapidIdentity MFA Cloud leverage devices that an organization may already have in place, such as building access badges, embedded fingerprint scanners, smart phones, etc.; while at the same time making life easier and more secure for end users through the use of single sign-on (SSO) technology.

satisfy emerging requirements. Moreover, small and mid-sized organizations were left with few options. Identity Automation addresses these challenges with an authentication solution that is designed to provide risk appropriate authentication. Today, organizations large and small use RapidIdentity to satisfy a broad range of authentication, efficiency, and cyber security requirements.

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