Magnetic Stripe and Barcode


RapidIdentity MFA provides support for OTP with tokens, cards, and smart phone applications available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. The solution is based upon OATH’s HOTP event-based algorithm. RapidIdentity MFA supports OTP devices from third-party vendors that support OATH HOTP. Identity Automation provides a turn-key OTP solution that includes the OTP device (physical or soft token), management system, and RADIUS server.

How magnetic stripe and barcode works with RapidIdentity MFA.

A magnetic stripe or barcode contains data stored on a magnetic stripe or represented in a 2D image, both are read by magnetic stripe or optical readers when presented by the user. Some organizations consider the use of magnetic stripe or barcode when the readers already are in use for other purposes. The technology is generally considered one of the least secure methods of advanced authentication due to the ease in copying or cloning magnetic stripe and barcode technology. RapidIdentity MFA manages the lifecycle of both magnetic stripe and barcode technology, and the selection of PINs by users. The common workflow for magnetic stripe and barcodes requires the user to present their card to a connected magnetic stripe or barcode reader, RapidIdentity MFA then identifies the users information (the user does not have to enter a username) and requests the user to enter their PIN associated with the card; the user then enters their PIN and RapidIdentity MFA validates the two components. Once validated, the user is permitted access to the operating system or application.

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