Fingerprint Biometrics


RapidIdentity MFA provides broad support for embedded and USB connected fingerprint sensors. Supported devices include touch, swipe, and optical sensors from: Authentec, Dell, Digital Persona, Fujitsu, GETAC, Lumidigm, Panasonic, POSH, and others. Please check the RapidIdentity MFA Client Administrator’s Guide or contact Identity Automation for the current hardware compatibility list.

How fingerprint biometrics work with RapidIdentity MFA.

RapidIdentity MFA fingerprint biometrics’ process matches a known fingerprint template with that presented by a user at the time of an authentication request. RapidIdentity MFA manages the lifecycle of fingerprint biometrics by capturing three or more of a user’s fingerprint templates during enrollment and a user selected PIN. The templates are encrypted and stored on RapidIdentity MFA Server. Fingerprint authentication is used around the world and is considered one of the more secure forms of authentication when coupled with a PIN. The common workflow for using fingerprint biometrics requires the user to present or swipe one of their enrolled fingerprints on a sensor, RapidIdentity MFA then identifies the user’s information (the user does not have to enter a username); once recognized the user must enter the associated PIN. This information is then compared to the information stored on the RapidIdentity MFA Server. Once validated, the user is permitted access to the operating system or application.

2FA is now Identity Automation. Please contact Identity Automation’s Sales team at or call 877-221-8401 for more information on fingerprint authentication.