Start saving 15 minutes per healthcare provider today. Recognize a return on your investment in less than one month!

Looking for a simplified, cost-effective authentication and single sign-on solution? Healthcare organizations ranging from 10 to 130,000 users in over 20 countries around the globe rely on Identity Automation’s healthcare solution every day to maintain compliance, increase convenience and security.

Identity Automation’s goal is to enhance clinical workflow performance by providing: 1) the highest quality software, 2) broad-based hardware support, and 3) expert-level services – all at a competitive price. Identity Automation’s MFA platform was awarded the Best Security Solution for Healthcare and best security company in 2014 by Info Security Products Guide.

The rapid transition from a paper-based healthcare environment to an environment where everything exists online has forced healthcare to change the way it conducts business. Increased regulatory demands, coupled with financial incentives have forced constant change in this new environment. Our healthcare solution is designed to embrace this ever-changing environment, while at the same time keep your clinical systems secure and your providers happy. The solution is turn-key and includes software, hardware, professional services, and support.

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Leading Features:

Enterprise Single Sign-On
Proximity Card Authentication
Fingerprint Biometric Authentication
Contact Smart Card with PKI Authentication
One-Time Password Authentication
Risk-Based Authentication
Magnetic Stripe / 2D Barcode Authentication
Virtual Desktop Support (Citrix, VMware, & Microsoft)
Enhanced Security for Kiosks and Shared Workstations
Fast User Switching
Enables Support for Email Encryption
Auto Desktop Locking
Self-Service Password Reset

RapidIdentity MFA provides clinical workflow performance enhancements. The solution streamlines access to critical patient information by reducing the amount of time providers spend logging into systems, applications, and managing passwords. In an age where healthcare IT workers are being pulled in opposing directions, RapidIdentity MFA strikes the perfect balance between convenience and security.

RapidIdentity MFA does not require any changes to your directory schema. While the solution can leverage an existing directory, it can also function without one. More importantly, large deployments in excess of 10,000 are commonly deployed with a single installation of RapidIdentity MFA with no network degradation. Due to our market-leading architecture there is no need to deploy multiple instances of RapidIdentity MFA throughout your infrastructure. Most importantly, RapidIdentity MFA does not require weeks to deploy or days to learn. The product can be installed in standard and virtualized environments on standard Microsoft infrastructure.

Our process is simple:

1. Select the best authentication method for your organization or mix-and-match between multiple methods. RapidIdentity MFA supports nine different methods of authentication. In healthcare, we find the highest level of provider satisfaction is achieved by using proximity cards, that are also used for building access, or with fingerprint biometrics.

2. Deploy RapidIdentity MFA. The solution is commonly deployed in less than a week at large organizations and in days at small to medium-sized organizations. Identity Automation’s team of experts can assist you in every step of the deployment process.

3. Enjoy using our award-winning solution! With RapidIdentity MFA in place, your providers will be happier with convenient access to critical patient information, your administrators will enjoy simplified management, and your executives will be delighted with increased security and profitability.

2FA is now Identity Automation. For more information on Identity Automation’s healthcare solution please contact Sales at or call 877-221-8401.

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Compliance, Convenience, and Security

RapidIdentity MFA is a fully CJIS Advanced Authentication compliant solution, assists organizations satisfy HIPAA, HITECH, EPCS, Positive ID, and PCI-DSS requirements; while at the same time makes lives easier for end-users by streamlining authentication processes and reducing the amount of passwords users have to enter and manage on a daily basis. RapidIdentity MFA does all of this and significantly increases the level of security throughout the organization.